Experience a splendid panoramic beauty of the land of thunder dragon with Bike rental in Bhutan with Rockers Ride

bike rental in siliguri

Bike rental in Bhutan offers exciting yet pocket-friendly offers for you. If you want to visit entire Bhutan, then at least you should opt for 12 to 14 days bike tours. The best time to plan a Bhutan trip to the Land of Thunder Dragons is during the spring. It’s when the splendid panoramic beauty of the kingdom can be experienced in its best way. A traveler can experience their trip, the way through narrow and scant roads. It will be enough for the entire state from the valleys to the hills. Bike on hire in Bhutan does not source bikes from other vendors. All bike is well maintained and maximum 3 years old.

All the bikes have extra carriers to make you comfortable in your journey and for your luggage. Have an extra container to keep extra fuel for an emergency. Most importantly a mobile charger to keep you connected with your loved ones. For hire a bike it will cost 1000 to 1500 per day and security money, which is refundable. Indian travellers need a valid photo id and for foreigners a valid photo id and permit to visit Bhutan. With a minimum price (non-refundable) thirds party insurance coverage will be included in a tour packages of bike on rent in Bhutan.

Hire a bike and explore the mesmerizing sightseeing and the divine beauty of Gangtok

The service of bike rental in Gangtok turned out to be a big hit as any solo traveller could easily go out on a solo tour of Gangtok in a way cheaper price than any private vehicle hiring. All that is required to hire a bike is nothing but an Indian driving license. In case you don’t own a driving license or don’t know riding a bike, there is no issue involved as drivers too can be hired at the same time of hiring the bike. With a fleet of the latest and well-maintained cruiser bikes including 350cc and 500cc. you can hire a bike for a day and visit any tourist place. Like, Nathula Pass, MG Marg, Hanuman Tok, and the list go on.

If you are in dilemma about your riding skills or don’t have a driving license, then the service providers of bike on hire in Gangtok are there to take care of that. You can certainly opt to hire trained rider from bike on rent in Gangtok to take you through the journey of an adventurous road trip across the hilly roads of Gangtok.

Hire a bike from Siliguri and travel through all the windy roads of north-east region

Bike rental in Siliguri offers, hire a bike and travel to Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan and Gangtok. Get the best offer, Bike on hire in Siliguri provides well maintained cruiser bikes on a daily basis at a very affordable price. Hire a bike from bike on rent in Siliguri and explore the beauty of North Eastern part of the Himalaya and dense forests of Dooars.

Siliguri is a city that compass across the Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts in the Indian state of West Bengal. This city situated on the foothills of Himalayan and banks of the Mahananda River. Siliguri is a one-stop destination for tourists who are mainly excited about to explore the north-east part of India and dense forest of Dooars. The distance between Siliguri and any hill stations in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan is not that far.

Things included by bike rental in Siliguri:

  • Things provided by the rental company are giant hard tail mountain bikes, Royal Enfield bikes, Helmet, spare tubes, and Pump.
  • Traveller has to pay a security deposit of Rs 10,000 to rent a bike. Rs 1,500 a day for a motorcycle and the security deposit is refundable. The amount would be deducted from the deposit if there is any damage to the bike.
  • Riders have to pay for fuel on its own.
  • Indian tourists need a driving license, but for foreigners an international driving license and an Inner Line Permit id needed.
  • If you are not sure to ride in hilly roads then a professional driver is also included in bike rental packages.
  • Against Rs 300 per head (non-refundable) a third party insurance coverage would be provided to the riders by any bike rental packages.

Ladakh road trip stands out to be the most thrilling trip for any travel enthusiast across the globe

If you want to make the road trip wish come true, bike rental in Ladakh region is to be taken care of in the first place. Bike on rent in Ladakh offers jaw-dropping, exclusive and pocket-friendly tour packages. In general, more travel enthusiasts have been observed to have opted for Manali as their base over Srinagar. It’s because of the fact that the road trip originating from the former has more spine-chilling high-elevation mountain passes than the latter, along with panoramic view of the Himalayas on one side of the highway and high-current mountain river flowing on the other side.

Travelling to Ladakh by road is certainly one of the most overwhelming road adventures in India, and one of the most required adventurous rides across the globe. No matter which part of the planet does a travel fanatic belong to, hitting on to Ladakh with a backpack on a bike is something that stands out in everyone’s wish list. A ride trip to Ladakh includes passing through some of the world’s highest motor able passes across semi-arid planes. The existence of roving settlements in clusters throughout the road to Ladakh in the planes of the Greater Himalayas and the Zanskar range adds an additional essence to the road trip.

Road trip to Ladakh on a vacation is unimaginable without a raging 350cc or a 500cc cruiser bike. Operators in Manali and Srinagar offer the service of bike on hire in Ladakh region, with a fleet of well-maintained cruiser bikes.

Discover the exciting and thrilling way of the queen of hills; with bike rental in Darjeeling

People of Darjeeling are always well recognized for their hospitality. You will experience the same hospitality when you hit a bike rental in Darjeeling to hire an off-road or a cruiser bike to quench the thirst of a road trip up the mountain roads. The company of bike on hire in Darjeeling provides a range of motorcycle tours that even include one day tour, multi-day tours, group tours, couple tours etc.

Bike on rent in Darjeeling is one of the longest-running tour operator and they are famous for the adventure tour, trek tour in Darjeeling that stands apart from the rest. They specialize in mountain biking, motorcycle tours, rafting, cultural tours, day tours and paragliding etc.

This company offers to you Wake up to mesmerizing views on one of their incredible biking options; listen the roar of a Royal Enfield’s engine echoing across valleys and mountains as miles and miles of switchbacks disappear beneath you; experience the adrenaline rush of mountain biking through the foothills of the Himalayas with the services of bike rental in Darjeeling. Enjoy professionally run cultural tours, day tours and local sightseeing in their company jeeps. Discover local cultures and customs through the eyes of their experienced tour guides that few have managed to experience.


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