My Bike Trip to the Queen of the Hills : Darjeeling with Rockers Ride

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Bike rental in Darjeeling offers the best and affordable bike riding experience  in Darjeeling. It was one of the most popular hill stations during the time of the British Raj. It is a small but beautiful Victorian town built among the foothills of the Himalayas. The old antic buildings constructed by the British can still be seen in Darjeeling. Some of them have been converted into a hotels and homestays. The amazing landscape and the stunning views of the Kanchenjunga make this place one of the top tourist attractions in the world. Another important factor is the tea. The tea in Darjeeling is famous all over the world. So if you prefer tea over coffee then you will definitely love it here.

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Day 1 : Arrival to Siliguri

I had booked my bike from Rockers Ride as they are a very reliable company for bike rental in Siliguri. I was all set and boarded my flight from IGI Airport. The flight was scheduled on time. The flight landed at about 3:30pm. As I made my way to the exit, I could see my driver holding a placard of my name. He helped me with my luggage and drove me to my designated hotel. After a few hours of rest I visited the bike rental agency Rockers Ride. They gave me the bike I had booked – The Himalayan. I gave it a quick test drive just to see if the bike is well-maintained or not. I was quite satisfied with my bike. They told me that they had to make some final adjustments and the bike would be ready by tomorrow morning.

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Day 2 : Riding to Darjeeling

I was very excited early in the morning as it was my first solo ride to the mountains and  Rockers Ride guided me. My bike was ready and they even provided me with first aid kit and they told me that they will be providing assistance 24/7 in case of a breakdown. My journey had begun. The traffic in Siliguri was quite tiresome. The traffic finally lessened from Darjeeling more. As I made my way up I could feel the cool wind blowing on my face. It was absolutely refreshing. It was getting a bit chilly too. The weather was also clear and as I approached Darjeeling I could see the amazing view of the Kanchenjunga. I reached Darjeeling quite late so I decided to rest for the day. I drove to my designated hotel and rested as I had to wake up early tomorrow before sunrise.

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Day 3 : Mesmerizing Tiger Hill and ride to Chatakpur

About 3 AM in the morning I was accompanied by 2 other riders and we set out for Tiger Hill. The road was a bit challenging but my bike was well built thanks to Rockers ride for providing me with the best bike on hire in Siliguri. We reached tiger hill at about 4pm. Words cannot describe the beauty of the sunrise here. In simple words I would say that it was beyond anything I had ever seen. The ray of the sun falling on the snow-covered peaks of the Kanchenjunga was absolutely spectacular. After clicking some pictures we made our way to the dense forest towards Chatakpur eco village. The roads were quite maintained and the journey was simply gaining pace. I witnessed one of the most spectacular landscapes and valleys here in Darjeeling. After a few hours of halt we had our lunch and headed to Darjeeling.

bike rental in darjeeling

Day 4 : Sightseeing in Darjeeling – Japanese Temple and Barbotey Rock Garden

It was a sunny day and since it was my last day in Darjeeling I decided to visit some of the sightseeing places here with bike on hire in Darjeeling. I drove to Japanese Temple which is one of the popular sightseeing places in Darjeeling. The place is known for its peaceful environment and tranquility. The temple was built to unify all races of people and propagate world peace. It was definitely a beautiful place providing amazing views of the Kanchenjunga.

I also visited the Barbotey Rock Garden. It was definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. It is a popular place for photography. The place consists of scenic views, and hilly hangout next to waterfalls with flowers & rocks. The place felt so refreshing. After clicking a few pictures in this place I drove back to my hotel. I submitted the bike to the company and I also complimented them for providing the best bike on rent in Siliguri.

Day 5 : Goodbye Darjeeling

I woke up in the morning had my breakfast and my driver drove me to Bagdogra from where I had to catch my flight to Delhi. My flight was scheduled on time. As I boarded my flight I was recalling my amazing journey to Darjeeling. I couldn’t wait to share the grand tale of Darjeeling with my friends. I personally felt that the team of Rockers Ride provides quality bike on rent in Darjeeling as well as a bike rental in Bhutan.  My next trip will be Bhutan and I am quite sure that I will book my ride from RockersRide for this journey too.